Front End Expert

Dmytro Pinskyi is a professional software engineer specializing in web front end for over 15 years and a professional teacher. Bachelor of psychology. Resident of Ukraine, based in Kyiv. Individual entrepreneur, authorized to carry out foreign-economic activity by order.

Currently focused on

  • Vue.js, Nuxt.js
  • Webpack, Express.js, Node.js
  • Utility-first styling, SASS/LESS
  • Fomantic UI, Anime.js
  • Teaching and mentoring front end courses
  • Education methodology
  • All You Need Is Lisp — for lisp on JS
  • eslint-plugin-neverblued — your next development dependency candidate

Collaboration experience

Orange S. A.

Currently (since 2015) — mr. Front End in the Orange corporate web applications development team.

  • Symbioz Boolo (in the 10 most used apps of the year)
  • Symbioz Qualis
  • Surf (Gestion de la sous-traitance)
  • Smaug (Gestion Budgétaire)
  • Budgest

Common Lisp

For about three years in 2012..2014 — developing web applications back end totally on lisp.

Depositphotos and Clashot

In 2012..2013 — participating in development and support of the world famous highly loaded image hosting system's front end.

Economika Publishing House

In 2009..2010 — participating in development and support of popular Ukrainian business websites with challenges like showing national elections results.

  • Marketing Media Review (MMR)

Telegraaf Media Group

In 2008 — participating in creation of the Obzor daily news website v.2 from scratch.

Palladin institute of Biochemistry of the NAS of Ukraine

In 2005..2007 — creating the Ukrainian Biochemical Journal website from scratch. That days XSLT seemed a nice solution for templating.

Faculty of Informatics

In 2001..2003 — attending Kyiv Polytechnic university, using Visual C to develop a financial accounting system for a local commercial network store.

The beginning of the way

In 2001 — graduated the Kyiv special school No.57 with deep studying of English.

In 1996..2001 — using C++, creating mostly graphic games and utilities.

In the early 1990s — getting to know the computer, self-studying to use BASIC dialects.

Born in 1984.